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Welcome to DSGE-NET

DSGE-NET is an international research network for DSGE modeling, monetary and fiscal policy. In recent years, development of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling made it an important tool for analysis of economic policy.

DSGE-NET aims at bringing together researchers from policy institutions and from academia.

Currently, Bank of Finland, Bank of France, The Capital Group Companies, the European Central Bank, Norges Bank, Sveriges Riksbank and Swiss National Bank have joined efforts with CEPREMAP and became institutional members of DSGE-net.

DSGE-net pursue its goals by

  • organizing conferences and training workshops;
  • organizing exchange of visitors among institutional members as well as internships with the software developers
  • supporting the development of software tools useful for DSGE modeling and analysis
  • maintaining a web site for sharing information and organizing discussions among researchers (

Activities are supervised by a Network Committee made of one representative per institutional member.

This web site should serve as a resource keeping references of work done in the area of DSGE modeling. It carries announcement of conferences, workshops and Summer schools.

Michel Juillard

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